We will list SOME of the exceptional talent here, check back often as we update and add MORE MAGICAL NAMES.

ONE name will NOT be revealed until the first day of the convention! This person will be our MYSTERY MAGICIAN for 2024.
You won’t believe your eyes when you see who YOU will get to meet IN PERSON at AbraCORNdabra 2024 – It’s gonna be CLASSIC!






Burbank, California

Jim Steinmeyer doesn’t “magish.” For decades, he’s been the wizard behind the scenes, innovating for other great magicians. Through his designs and creations, his publications on the subject of magic and magic history, Jim Steinmeyer has redefined the art of illusion—for audiences, performers, and readers. He’s created the impossibilities that formed the stepping-stones in the careers of great magicians, and the memorable wonders in season after season of Broadway hits.  AbraCORNdabra has wanted to host this super-star of magical innovations for YEARS!  2024 is “the” year and we are thrilled to have him joining us for our “Toast to the Classics of Magic”.  Alex Ramon will interview Mr. Steinmeyer; allowing us a peek into his amazing life’s journey.

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM




Las Vegas, Nevada

Joan Dukore was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she began
her performing career as a ballet dancer. Loving playing cards first got
her started in her world of magic.
Upon moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, she got a job at Caesar’s Magical
Empire, the premier venue for magic in Las Vegas at the time. During
this time she not only made appearances at various corporate events,
but also performed for Celine Dion’s vow renewal reception.
After the Magical Empire closed, Joan began her run at Fitzgeralds
Casino working in the show, Secrets, where she was able to use her wit
in addition to her sex appeal.
From there she has toured Japan, Dubai, Cancun and Canada before
coming home to Las Vegas. In Japan she not only performed her own
solo show, but did it in Japanese, which she is conversational in.
Joan has not just performed on the stage, she has been seen on TLC
performing magic for their Urban Legend show and on HGTV doing the
intro and outros for House Hunters Las Vegas Week.
She currently can be seen at the Venetian Hotel and Casino and
performs periodically at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.
Joan will share her secrets to strolling magic & table hopping magic.
You will learn so much from this true pro who works across the country non-stop!
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM




Inglewood, California

Ray Pierce could hand out hundreds of different business cards for different jobs and situations. He is a professional actor, singer, dancer, magician, illusionist, musical arranger, pyrotechnician, laserist, musical editor, stage manager, scenic designer, sound mixer, lighting designer, stunt coordinator, aerial director and rigger, creative engineer, magic director, tightrope teacher, fire-safety supervisor, COVID compliance officer, clinical hypnotherapist and trapeze instructor.  

But since that does not quite cover all of his skills, he hands out business cards that simply say ,“I solve problems.” That is exactly what Pierce does for a living, and he seems to enjoy it as much as his clients do.

Pierce’s “I solve problems” business card is a result of his “‘wagon wheel’ theory of occupational interests,” as he calls it. With his passion for obtaining knowledge, Pierce spends nearly all of his spare time studying. “There’s not one day in my life that I’m not researching and learning and trying to fill in a little blank spot in my wagon wheel so it rolls smoothly,” 

When he first moved to California, Pierce sought to become a professional magician, which ended up creating a hub for the hundreds of other jobs that he would be asked to do over the years. “Everything that I learned in one field that related to what I was doing in magic could be applied to another field,” Pierce said.  Studying magic – along with everything else that interested him – helped him to fill in the spokes of his “wagon wheel.” 

His broad spectrum of knowledge was particularly handy when he worked as a Disney Imagineer, as well as stunt coordinator for “Germany’s Next Top Model” with Heidi Klum and production stage manager for many different shows including “RuPaul’s Drag Race” –essentially, Pierce lives his life to make people happy. Of all the incredible jobs he has had over the years, his absolute favorites were clinical hypnotherapy and teaching trapeze. “Believe it or not, they both accomplished the same thing,” Pierce said.  From his experience, both jobs had a clear therapeutic impact on his patients’ and students’ lives. “The first thing you do is learn how to fall; now you have no fear of progressing.” He used this as a philosophy in his own life, and so did his students. His most treasured memories of those therapeutic jobs were how they affected so many people. “The greatest joy in my life has been being able to transform somebody in some positive way to help them do something they didn’t think was possible in life,” Pierce said.

Ray has also worked Caesars’ Magical Empire, Disney Park around the World, Television work in many countries including the USA.  AbraCORNdabra is thrilled to have this NEVER SEEN AT ANY OTHER MAGIC CONVENTION IN THE WORLD celebrity joining us at this years “Toast to the Classics of Magic” 2024!

6:00 PM to 7:30 PM




South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Alex Ramon has appeared at AbraCORNdabra a few times over the years and THIS YEAR
shares a unique, one-of-a-kind business plan for magicians!
Alex is truly one of the youngest “classics” of magic to come along in a LONG time!  He has won many awards including the prestigious Melbourne Christopher Award as well as countless years working with Disney, Ringling Bros., International Tours, Television appearances, Movie appearances, his own shows in his own showroom in Lake Tahoe and SO MUCH MORE!

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM




Long Beach, California

Dana Daniels is well known as a comedian magician who performs an act with a psychic parrot. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Daniels has been called one the funniest comedy magic acts working today. In-fact, he was the very first magician to receive the Comedy Magician of the year award from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Corporations such as McDonalds and Lincoln Financial both have had her perform all over the country for their top sales people, management and store owners. Dana keeps the laughs going at a speedy clip using his trusty side kick Luigi the psychic parrot. Yes, you read correctly — a psychic parrot! In-between Dana’s outrageously funny sight gags and poking fun at magicians, he sets out to prove that his little green friend is truly clairvoyant.

Together, they perform such miracles as finding chosen cards, reading the mind of somebody on a cell phone and turning a member of the audiences $100 bill into bird food only to have it reappear inside an egg laid by Luigi. (Tough trick for a male bird.)

Dana’s many television appearances include Evening at the Improv, CBS Morning Program, Masters of Illusions, Lance Burton’s Taking it to the Streets. He has also opened for such stars as Jan & Dean, Charo, Amy Grant & Vince Gill.
3:00 AM to 4:30 AM





Lake Oswego, Oregon


CLUBS & SPADES = 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM




Hollywood, California

AbraCORNdabra is proud to have joining us this year, “MAGIC FAMILY ROYALTY”!
Classic magic is synonymous with a handful of legendary magicians & magical families.
One of the top “Royal Families of Magic” is “THE WILSONS”
Mark, Nani & Greg have brought classic magic to life since 1954.
Sadly, The Magic World lost Mark Wilson January 19th, 2021 leaving his beautiful wife Nani Darnell and talented son, Greg Wilson to carry on the family legacy.
GREG WILSON is President of the WILSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and is the only magician of his kind, an internationally recognized artist & creative force in the sphere of Magical Arts around the globe.
Greg is an in demand magical technical advisor for TV and feature films, most recently for Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, The Goldbergs, etc.  He has creatively integrated Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang brand into a fully customized show for the massive 3,000 seat Charles M. Schultz Theater.  Greg is an Honored Lifetime Member and Headliner at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, a member of the British Magic Circle’s Elite Inner Circle with a Silver Star, Winner of Penn & Teller’s FOOL US Television show, Master Magician at Disney’s El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for multiple “Broadway” Neo-Classical Grand Illusion shows, and tours Las Vegas Casinos & Performance Art’s Centers coast to coast.


CLUBS & SPADES = 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM
HEARTS & DIAMONDS = 10:00 PM TO 10:30 PM




Niagara Falls, NY

AbraCORNdabra welcomes back “America’s Longest performing School Assembly Show Magicians” – with more than 45+ years of performing school assembly shows to their credit, The Melbourne Christopher Award-Winning  Rob & Carol Allen are legendary magicians in this market holding the title!  Rob’s knowledge is very much “old school” as he proudly makes most of the illusions used in his shows.  He has agreed to share with us the ins & outs of making your own mouth coils and spring bill productions! This is NOT a lecture, rather a “Hands-on, Make & Take” workshop.  You won’t find any other magic convention in the World featuring this, ONLY at AbraCORNdabra!



Des Moines, Iowa

AbraCORNdabra would not have it’s name, if it were not for this Midwestern superstar of magic!  Ben Ulin is the man who came up with the name “AbraCORNdabra” – he has been a Board Member since the convention’s inception.
Ben has showcased his talents many years at AbraCORNdabra.  He holds the Guinness Book of Records for longest performing Amusement Park Magician in the World! (36 years now, performing 6 shows daily!)
Ben is making another appearance at AbraCORNdabra this year in the OscEARs Awards Black & White Gala Ball!  His special presentation will be something you will ONLY witness at AbraCORNdabra.  You will never see another magician perform the illusion he will be bringing to life, since Thurston performed it decades ago..



From: ?????????????


This person will be our featured guest on our AbraCORNdabra Collectible Coin Series for 2024. 

For more information about the COLLECTIBLE COIN SERIES – check out the bottom of the “LECTURES” page.

2024 AbraCORNdabra is dedicated to the CLASSICS of Magic!  This will be a VERY “Classy” convention!



You never know WHO will be joining us at 
The Midwest’s PREMIER Magic Convention!
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