Rules for the MAGIMASTERS 2023 Seniors Magic Tournament

1.    All confirmed contestants must be fully registered for the Convention.
2.   The Tournament has a time allotment during the convention of one hour. 
***This Tournament has become so popular – we will NOT turn away anyone who wishes to enter!  We have had some amazing magicians perform in this contest – and we don’t want to miss anyone…    We will try to accommodate any and all acts.  NO OTHER REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER!

3.   Tournament age limit is 50 and older.

4.   Acts are requested to perform between 5 to 7 minutes.

5.   Voting will be by the audience members themselves.  Act with the highest votes – wins Tournament.

6.   There will be no trading contest places among the Contestants. Each act must be ready to perform in the order instructed.

7.    Coveted MAGIMASTERS Jacket, Hat, & Trophy Prize – Winner will be chosen by Audience Votes.  Winner will be announced Saturday night during the OscEARs Awards Party.  (See Schedule)  Winner will be given the coveted MAGIMASTERS Jacket, Hat, & Trophy.   Jacket & hat size is one size fits most – No substitutes will be given.

8.   A calculator will verify all tabulations.

9.   All Contestants must be backstage 30-minutes prior to the contest.
10.    The use of fire, liquids, confetti, silly string, etc. is prohibited.  NO MESS WILL BE TOLERATED AT ALL.  ANY mess left on stage after act is finished is grounds for automatic disqualification.
11.   Acts must set-up and strike within 1 minute.  Acts must also be self-contained.
12.   Non-compliance with the above rules will result in disqualification.
13.   If assistants will be attending the convention with contestant, each assistant must also be registered for the convention.
14.    Each Contestant specifically authorizes AbraCORNdabra and Steve Daly to capture, make, produce, alter, and utilize still, video and audio recordings of the participation of the Contestant in the competition (the “Recordings”) and AbraCORNdabra and Steve Daly are hereby specifically granted and conveyed an irrevocable global license to duplicate, distribute, or otherwise use the Recordings in any way.
15.    The act of each Contestant will be limited to 7 minutes.  This is a FUN Tournament.  We ASK POLITELY that contestants stay within the allotted time limit.
16.    Any registered attendee of AbraCORNdabra 2023 Convention is eligible to compete in the MAGIMASTERS 2023 Seniors Magic Tournament provided he/she:
(i)    Is registered for AbraCORNdabra by May 19th, 2023.
(ii)   Receives no compensation of any kind for the Contestant’s appearance at the AbraCORNdabra 2022 Convention.
(iii)    Fully complies with the letter and intent of each of the Rules of the Competition.
17.    The decision of Contest Chairman & Steve Daly is final as to all matters.  Contest Chairman may delegate any duties to designees.  If any Contestant withdraws from the Competition, Contest Chairman may select a replacement contestant to compete and may waive all eligibility or other requirements of these Rules.  Contest Chairman has the discretion to limit the number of acts to fit the time available for the Competition.
18.    The use of “blue”, obscene, or material inappropriate for a family oriented production is not permitted.  If any contestant presents such material during the Tournament, in the opinion of the Contest Chairman or his designees, the Contestant shall be disqualified.


What kind of lighting will there be?

There is VERY limited lighting for this contest.  Basically – plain white lights on or off.   Plan accordingly.

Will there be a microphone and music system available for me?

The performers in the MAGIMASTERS 2023 Seniors Magic Tournament will be provided with a microphone and a player for CD-formatted prerecorded music or bring music on a “Stick”.  The player will be operated by our sound person.

The Contest Committee will not provide equipment or services that are not specifically addressed in The Contest Rules and Procedures.  Please have JUST THE MUSIC USED FOR YOUR ACT on ONE CD or STICK.  Bring a back-up CD.  Be prepared.

Can my family & friends come see me?

Seating is limited for the contest itself – so the answer would have to be a soft no.  IF THERE IS ANY ROOM for others – then we might allow some family & friends to come in.

Can I videotape the contest?

Acts are allowed to videotape ONLY THEIR ACT, unless they have express permission from the other acts to tape.

Be magical, be entertaining, and be unique!