We are going to make a "Toast to the Classics of Magic" this year! 

AbraCORNdabra celebrates it's classic 14TH YEAR in 2024!!! Featuring HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS with "Make & Take" classic magic. FREE Lunch Saturday - NEW dealers in the magiK-MART Dealers Room - and SO MUCH MORE! Bring your finest evening wear for our Classic Black & White Ball during our famed OscEARs Awards Party Saturday Night. We are "Popping the the Champaign" for this year's amazing convention! COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!!

Have you ever been in the check-out lane at the grocery store where they display a wide arrangement of candy bars, wondering what this one or that one might taste like?  Yet, you never actually buy one - you reach for "your stand-by favorite" and get it every time (mine is Snickers!) Well, wonder no more! For the first time at ANY magic convention, AbraCORNdabra presents "THE CANDY BAR BUFFET" Sample a wide variety of candy bars offered in a colorful display!  ONLY at the Midwest's PREMIER Magic Convention... AbraCORNdabra! (Or should we call it "AbraCANDYBARdabra"? )